Blog Post: December 23, 2021

      Travel Blog: Joshua Tree National Park by Joseph Rollins

      Traveled from Arizona back to Cali last weekend to spend a couple days in Joshua Tree National Park. While there, my wife, son, and I met my uncle, my sister and my nephew who all live nearby. The trip was absolutely awesome; Joshua Tree was an incredible sight to see. We took one long 7-mile hike and some shorter ones, and had a great time visiting with family despite the abbreviated trip.
      Having lived in arid or semi-arid environments since I was a kid, desert-scapes are not new to me. Plush deserts and barren rock gardens, browns and greens and yellows. Rock formations are nothing new either - the red rocks of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, hoodoos, arches (you get the picture). What made Josua Tree NP so incredible were the trees themselves. They are spectacular. Truly look Dr. Suess-inspired (or vice-versa).

Boy Scout Trail, Willow Hole & Keys View

Posing with the Joshua Trees

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